Marriage Procedure I: Steph & Ryan Plan a Wedding

On October 20th, 2012, Ryan proposed to Steph at 1:30am sitting at the edge of Kempenfelt Bay in the rain, overlooking the lights of the city. This is the story of two young lovestruck budding legal professionals and their engagement!

Two days until we tie the proverbial knot, and we had our last unwed date at Jack Astors. Steph has mastered signing her new name!

Two days until the big day and I have a grab bag of snapshots! (Top L: I mourn the unfortunate snatching of my beard after a barber miscue; Top R: my wedding day underpants come with a certificate of authenticity, weird; Bottom L: Steph and I in action figure form, Bottom R: the hardware that we are trusting Matt with!)

Final tasting of our cake samples! Mystery flavour for our guests!

Teaser photo of our lovely ceremony programs! 25 days until we take the plunge!
We have my ring! Can’t wait to wear it! 57 days!
We couldn’t not blog this. We have had some cute and hilarious RSVP cards come back from the various stacks of invites that we have sent out over the past couple months. This one, however, takes the cake. Well done, Logan. You are proving why you were an excellent choice of groomsman!

Our custom aisle runner arrived today! Just over two months until our big day!

Holy crap, things are becoming very real! Marriage licence application obtained!

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Another cake tasting, feeling bloated and sugared up now!